Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Little Piggy is Back From Market!!!!

I just returned from a Super Fast Trip to Market in Atlanta and Here is just a few of the Great New Things that Caught My Eye.  My new webstore will be up and running in a week or two and everything will be available for purchase there. It is Decor Estes at www.decorestes.com and will also be featuring jewelry, bath and kids products carefully selected by moi!

Faboulous Chest! On it's way for a very Fabulous Client! Will be a Vanity with and Antique Mirrored Top when we Get Finished with it!

Sleek and Simple! What not to Love. It is on it's way right now as we read to it's new home in MY FOYER!!!

The Wood on this is GORGEOUS!!!

These Throws Come in The Prettiest Colors and are So Soft and Comfy! So glad to be Selling them Now!

Cannot Wait to put You in a Playroom!

Cannot wait to Put You Over a Kitchen island!
Market was great and there was way more than this to die for! Keep your eyes peeled for more here and on www.decorestes.com

xoxo Jennifer

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Room Design for The New Year

I have had so much fun learning how to use olio board and incorporating it into my design work. Here is the first board that I just finished. I decided to pull together a room in a trending color scheme of Gold and Grey from the Trendy and Low Budget Home Store West Elm. It has a good Look for a very Nice Price that should be affordable to everyone! So here it is!!! Your Free Room Design  to Kick off 2012.

Out with the Old and in With the New!

 MY NEW YEAR Is Looking LIKE THIS!!!!!

Simplified, Subdued,  Bold Colors and Tailored Pieces 
Love the Overall Neutral Design with Sharp Contrasts Mainly Coming from  the Toned Down Graphite and Ivory Color Scheme. The 2 Citrine Pillows and Pair of Citrine Chairs mixed in Is Just Enough without being to Much!

Love how the Excessive Use of a Texturized Dark Neutral Can almost Come Across and Soft, Subdued and Fabulously Simple

Out with The Old!!!

My Old House . Early 2000s Traditional decor with triadic color scheme antiques, ruffles on draperies etc!  In with the New!!!
On the Way Out????
This is the more recent trend of soft , serene colors, transitional styles ( transitional pieces that have been tweaked to give them a more tailored and modern feel.) There is almost nothing about this color scheme to offend anyone.
(picture found on Pinterest)

Is this what's Next????
Not too Far off From the Neutral and Tailored Days but The Bold Blues with the one Acid Raspberry Colored Wall is Almost Screaming For some Fun. As much as I like where we have been ............ I do like where this is going as well. In small doses though.
(Picture Found on Pinterest)

So this does leave me to tell you where I think things are going ( or I hope they do)

I really like some of these chevron patterns in small doses. Here are some pictures of chevron patterned decor that I found on Pinterest that I think could hang around for awhile without becoming too much.
The Simple and Classic Grey and white Small Scale Chevron Fabric is Understated enough to Keep it Around a Long Time But with the Bold Geometric Design of the Chevron Lends some Real Punch. The Tailored and more Simplistic Chair Style is Great As Well
What is Not to LOVE!!!! Artwork is one of the Best ways to Add some Punch that you will never get tired of . I love the watercolor nature of this Chevron design and the fact that it tames the bold nature of the color scheme and fuzzes up the boldness of the chevron pattern! 
Using the Reclaimed and Rough Sawn Wood to Create a Chevron Pattern on this Table Top is Fun and Timeless. You can Never Beat That 
LOVE the Soft Feel of the Pale Grey and Crisp White. Combined with the bold chevron design it gives it such staying power and I feel both qualities enhance each other. 
The Thing I Like About this room is the classic color scheme of the Black and White. The pop of red in a more organic texture is great against the hard and slick nature of the rest of the room . The Artwork really represents the marriage of all of the other design aspects that are inherently different. A Bold Chevron Pattern in watered down version of the black and White Color scheme. Heaven

This is the one Example of where I think the Chevron should be Avoided! This is overcommitment to a trendy design pattern and to a bold color. Do not Go this route. It is fun for awhile but an expensive change once this trend has had it 's
day . 

Here Are Some of my Pinterest Finds that I think Represent a Happy Compromise to the Bold Bright Incoming trends and the Present Love of Serene Neutrals and Stripped Down and Streamlined Furniture. Either Way............I  feel Like the way to go this year is still Less is More !!! Just maybe a Few Bold and Colorful Surprises Will Make all The difference

Love the Simple Bold Geometric Wall design with the very traditional and Retro Pillows. Very Cool and Still Somewhat Minimal 
If there is anything I have seen yet to make me want to go crazy with color this would be it. Even though the room is composed of some very bold colors and in large amounts... it almost comes off as a neutral due to the fabulous muted tone of turquoise. The small splash of gold for the accessories gives it a little sparkle.   The rug with its muted grey and citron colors helps to ground the other vibrant colors in the room and keep it from being too bright. Fun , Fabulous and in its own way timelessly Bold
Love the Contrast of Colors and most of all The Lacquered Walls!!!! The glossy and glassy finish really takes a room full of simple traditional furniture and flooring and brings it right up to date. The contrast of the murky aqua walls and the murky gold in the artwork is a heavenly contrasting color combination!!! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!  This Room. It is aesthetically so Traditional. Look at the furniture styles and the artwork. It is the Boldness of the Color Charcoal with that super glossy finish that makes this room so Bold. That was a brave move to go that dark on the wall and on the floor. It really works and makes the art pop like crazy!!1  
I am a big fan of this room for 2 reasons. The first one is that it has a very well intentioned Bold Color pop. The Chairs and the draperies are so simple but the color speaks for itself. The chair style is the only contemporary looking thing in the room so it really adds some weight upholstered in such a bold color. Love the White Lacquered walls . it makes all the difference . and in the middle of the room the streamlined dining table. It looks like someone took their grandmothers old dining table and stripped it of all fussy detail and had it refinished.
The second reason that I love this room is that when the day comes for everything to go back to being safe , traditional and cozy. THis room will still work. Just reupholster those chairs and slap a coat of eggshell paint on the wall. 
Love the Room because it is mostly simple and traditional. They were able to get a great updated punch of color and pattern by simply using 2 contrasting colors and patterns to upholster pillows. The layered effect from headboard to pillows to bolster pillow is it!!! Great Example of HOw to transform any bedroom on a small budget

I love this because I really do LOVE the trend of using different shades and textures of white and beige . But I cannot resist the small punch of magenta and purple. The fact that it is in such a small and artistically placed dose makes it even more yummy!!! The simple white in the rest of the bathroom really sets off the fabulous paper
I LOVE THIS NOOK!!!! The shade of pale olive / citrine is DIVINE!!!! It is so pale and muted you almost cannot call it a color and once you get that spectacular blue layered in there and neatly as it is It IS EYE CANDY!!!!. ANOTHER GREAT WAY TO ENJOY SOME BOLD COLOR WHILE STILL MAINTAINING SOME SANITY.

Hope this Year Brings you Peace Love and Joy but Also Throw Some Color Your Way Every Once in Awhile!

Some of the Things I look Forward to Using More of in 2012
1.) Small Splashes of Bolder Colors
2.) More Geometric patterns in Furniture style
3.) Lacquered Walls
4.) More Painted Wood Floors. ( I started with those last year and will definitely be bringing into 2012)
5.)Wallpaper is Not Dead! Will be using in more creative ways however!

Some of the Things I Look Forward to Leaving Behind in 2012
1.) Metallics ( I love these but anytime anything becomes so popular.....)
2.)Urban / Warehouse Looking Pieces
3.) Ikat Patterns ( same as number 1. Once Embraced by the masses its days are numbered)
4.)Eggshell Paint
5.)Cording at Welts on Upholstery Altogether

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Design In 5!

For whatever reason I thought it would be fun to virtually design a room in about 5 minutes and blog about it. Here is what I came up with!

How about a Nice Neutral Texture 
to start on the Walls
And a Pair of Clean Sconces ........
To go over this Fabulous Chest! So fabulous in fact that it was only in my store for less than 24 hours! Needless to say another one is on it's way
A Great Pewter Colored Sofa With Clean Lines From Lee Industries. Should we Nano Tex it so That Your kids can hop all over it with spaghetti sauce?

And a Pair of Sleek yet Comfortable Chairs
And Some Great Throw Pillows with a Unique Embroidered Design!
 Of Course The Room would be Naked with out Some Fabulous Draperies in this Mark Alexander Embroidered Fabric. This Large Scale Embroidered Pattern will Make a Great Vertical Focal Point Without Taking over the Room

A Sleek and Simple Coffee Table will Be Perfect and I would Use the End Tables Below to Keep up The balanced Mix of Old and New.
Fun With An Updated Antiqued Look. 

And This Fabulous Ottoman with a Fluid Nailhead Design by Schumacher

And A Few Tabletop Accessories from Jennifer Estes Interior Design

Some Alternative Wall Decor Like this Sunburst Metal Mirror and the Gold Metal Leaves to Give Your Walls Some Unique  Interest

And Finally Some Great Artwork like this piece from one of my Favorite Artists Leslie Barron. Check out some of her work on her website

Voila! Here is the your first Virtual Design Presentation, Hope you like it! 

All items available through Jennifer Estes Interior Design

Friday, September 30, 2011

Decorate & Celebrate!

Sometimes it is not a house that gets my attention but just a tabletop! When some of my friends decided to throw me a Birthday Tea Party I could not resist! I unleashed my creative fury and decorated my own table. As you can see....... Marie Antoinette is guilty once again for influencing me. I had so much fun looking for just the right materials to make the flower arrangements, cake decorations and tabletop decor.
Here are some mini 2 tiered petit fours with one of the cake decorations that I made from the goodies I found in the  scrapbook supply aisle 
I am wild about the plumes that I found to adorn my rose floral arrangements and the adorable sweet treat tags that I found from Cavallini . I used the tags to adorn my guest's favors and as table place cards.
Here are some more pictures of the tea party. Enjoy!


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