Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chez Moi!!! A Work in Progress.

As most of you know, I have just finished renovating my personal home here in Memphis Tennessee. The details have been put into the bones of the house and I am just now getting around to the details as far as the interior decoration. Here is my progress so far!

This is Before I got my hands on it.
Here is the house when we found it. Most of my dear family and friends thought I was crazy but still said they knew that I must have had a vision. It is hard to see it but I did.

The house had an historical element to it that I did not find as interesting until after I read The Help! This is a maids's toilet. Can you imagine? Needless to say it was ripped out during demolition and is long gone.

Here is the house after we moved in. Before Landscaping and before I had to get rid of this blue color that was intended to be more of a cool icy grey.

Here it is almost finished. We have the first round of landscaping and I have painted the shutters and garage doors a much better shade of a greenish french grey.  Now I await some fresh sod and a new driveway. And last but certainly not least my fabulous Red English Mailbox that I picked up in England. See Below

I cannot wait to have it set in brick and ready to receive my daily post.  This type of find that I get so excited about.  There are a million boring standard mailboxes out there and most people do not put that much thought into their mailbox. THat is exactly why I had to have this. What a great detail to have in front of your house for all to see!

I love the window that I designed on the front of my house. There used to be a regular window with a fan detail above it. The main thing I love is the Antique French Oak Front Door that I found in Atlanta at Architectural Accents.  I love the unique shape of the window panes.

Stay tuned...... More to come soon!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where It All Begins! My latest trip to ADAC Showrooms

Fabulous Display Featuring Fabrics by Larsen at Travis & Company. Just Received These Sample Books and Cannot Wait to Use Them Myself!

A huge source of inspiration for me comes from my main resource . The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center!!! It is the mothership for all interior designers in the southeastern states and the main source of all the wonderful and exclusive goods that we sell. It is to the trade only and can be very overwhelming because of the vast array of things. Each showroom is crammed full of the most divine displays and fabulous fabrics, wallcoverings , furniture and accessories. My first stop is always to my favorite showroom Travis and Company. They always have the most creative details and you are always greeted by the friendliest smiling faces. Here are some of the wonderful and inspiring things they had for my eyes to feast on!

Here is the Main Entrance to Travis & Co. I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this artsy wallcovering  by Porter Teleo. It is Artwork in the form of Wallpaer. Great in Small doses and I am dying for a client to be brave enough to let me use it somewhere fun! It is custom made to order and can be done in any color combination. Porter Teleo is a favorite of one of my favorite designers Kelly Wearstler.

Another Great display Featuring Colefax & Fowler lines in Travis & Co. Love that mirror.
Love the Colorful Artwork and how they Downplayed everything else to make it pop.
Travis & Company always do such a great job of making creative use out of their corners in the showroom that would otherwise be dead space. Check out these fabulous 3 vignettes.

Great Ikat Display in another great showroom. Will be using soon on some pillows and maybe even to cover some drum Lampshades. 
Great Window Display of  Hand Printed Fabrics at Jerry Pair. Such Fun and Happy Colors and another Line that is Made to Order in Any Color Combo you Desire.

This Display in Ainsworth Noah reminds me of my Fabulous friend Fiona that lives in NYC. It is so sophisticated  , pretty and is what I imagine seeing once I step off of an elevator and enter an upper east side classic 6.

More to come from my trip later!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Painted Floors: The Options are Endless and the Results are Fabulous

My  Newly Renovated Sunroom with Painted Hardwood Floors.
Paint Color on Floors , Walls & all Trim is Porter Paint in Off White.  
By Jennifer Estes Interior Design

One of my new favorite specifications is to paint hardwood floors. It is a great inexpensive way to get a lot of punch in your space. (or an elegantly casual look if you prefer as I did) . I have recently renovated my own home and have painted the floors in my sunroom and my office. I used a basic off white color and I love it! Not only does it have a fresh , clean look but it is very durable and is easy to clean.  This application works very well if you do not currently have wood floors that have a great grain pattern or are in less than perfect condition. It also allows you to cut the cost of installing hardwood floors because you can use a less expensive grade of wood and it is less to paint than to stain and seal. I personally LOVE the clean look and I love it more and more the longer I have it. Don't fear that this is a trend and chicken out. This has been a widely used finish across the pond for a long time.

Here is a Guest Cottage That I Designed and I Did The Painted Floors . I used a Clean White and An Apple Green Diamond Pattern To Give this Guest Retreat a Happy and Fun Feel.
By Jennifer Estes Interior Design

I Used the Same Off White Color in My Office  that I did In My Sunroom. The Soft White Color Throughout  Gives This Space a Clean and Organized Feel Even When It is Disorganized and Crazy . Which is Often!
Here is The Link to The Info On The Type of Porter Paint I used To Paint The Floor

Here are some other Pictures I found on the Internet of Painted Floors that Inspire Me! I cannot wait to design some more painted floors soon! 
Love this Bold Pattern in Classic Black & White. This would look Great in Light Neutrals For Less Contrast and Boldness. 
LOVE this Pattern and the Soft Color Palette Selected

I Love The Design on These Draperies and Would Love to Have it Stenciled onto Painted Floors. 

Love the Chevron Pattern. Great especially in this small space. 

What a Fun Stenciled Pattern. The Glossy Paint really adds a clean fun look as well. 
Adding a Painted Rug is another fun and appealing way to incorporate painted floors into your project .  

Love the way they used this bold pattern in such subtle paint colors and used it to tie together these 2 spaces.

Here are some great books on Amazon below to help get you started with your own project!


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