Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Painted Floors: The Options are Endless and the Results are Fabulous

My  Newly Renovated Sunroom with Painted Hardwood Floors.
Paint Color on Floors , Walls & all Trim is Porter Paint in Off White.  
By Jennifer Estes Interior Design

One of my new favorite specifications is to paint hardwood floors. It is a great inexpensive way to get a lot of punch in your space. (or an elegantly casual look if you prefer as I did) . I have recently renovated my own home and have painted the floors in my sunroom and my office. I used a basic off white color and I love it! Not only does it have a fresh , clean look but it is very durable and is easy to clean.  This application works very well if you do not currently have wood floors that have a great grain pattern or are in less than perfect condition. It also allows you to cut the cost of installing hardwood floors because you can use a less expensive grade of wood and it is less to paint than to stain and seal. I personally LOVE the clean look and I love it more and more the longer I have it. Don't fear that this is a trend and chicken out. This has been a widely used finish across the pond for a long time.

Here is a Guest Cottage That I Designed and I Did The Painted Floors . I used a Clean White and An Apple Green Diamond Pattern To Give this Guest Retreat a Happy and Fun Feel.
By Jennifer Estes Interior Design

I Used the Same Off White Color in My Office  that I did In My Sunroom. The Soft White Color Throughout  Gives This Space a Clean and Organized Feel Even When It is Disorganized and Crazy . Which is Often!
Here is The Link to The Info On The Type of Porter Paint I used To Paint The Floor

Here are some other Pictures I found on the Internet of Painted Floors that Inspire Me! I cannot wait to design some more painted floors soon! 
Love this Bold Pattern in Classic Black & White. This would look Great in Light Neutrals For Less Contrast and Boldness. 
LOVE this Pattern and the Soft Color Palette Selected

I Love The Design on These Draperies and Would Love to Have it Stenciled onto Painted Floors. 

Love the Chevron Pattern. Great especially in this small space. 

What a Fun Stenciled Pattern. The Glossy Paint really adds a clean fun look as well. 
Adding a Painted Rug is another fun and appealing way to incorporate painted floors into your project .  

Love the way they used this bold pattern in such subtle paint colors and used it to tie together these 2 spaces.

Here are some great books on Amazon below to help get you started with your own project!


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