Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chez Moi!!! A Work in Progress.

As most of you know, I have just finished renovating my personal home here in Memphis Tennessee. The details have been put into the bones of the house and I am just now getting around to the details as far as the interior decoration. Here is my progress so far!

This is Before I got my hands on it.
Here is the house when we found it. Most of my dear family and friends thought I was crazy but still said they knew that I must have had a vision. It is hard to see it but I did.

The house had an historical element to it that I did not find as interesting until after I read The Help! This is a maids's toilet. Can you imagine? Needless to say it was ripped out during demolition and is long gone.

Here is the house after we moved in. Before Landscaping and before I had to get rid of this blue color that was intended to be more of a cool icy grey.

Here it is almost finished. We have the first round of landscaping and I have painted the shutters and garage doors a much better shade of a greenish french grey.  Now I await some fresh sod and a new driveway. And last but certainly not least my fabulous Red English Mailbox that I picked up in England. See Below

I cannot wait to have it set in brick and ready to receive my daily post.  This type of find that I get so excited about.  There are a million boring standard mailboxes out there and most people do not put that much thought into their mailbox. THat is exactly why I had to have this. What a great detail to have in front of your house for all to see!

I love the window that I designed on the front of my house. There used to be a regular window with a fan detail above it. The main thing I love is the Antique French Oak Front Door that I found in Atlanta at Architectural Accents.  I love the unique shape of the window panes.

Stay tuned...... More to come soon!!!!


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