Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake ........... And Decorate!

Marie Antoinette inspired Bedroom / Nursery by Jennifer Estes Interior Design

I have been waiting to do this Post since before the birth of my daughter March 30th but have been waiting until I had all of the little details in place. When I started to design this room /  nursery  I did not want the typical sweet nursery for a little girl. I wanted something that was feminine, a little bit sassy and something that reflected my love of all things French and of course Marie Antoinette. 

Marie Antoinette is well known for the opulent Versailles but it is her Petit Trianon and its surrounding Hameau that I adore.  She would escape from the formality of court life to her casual retreat at the Petit Trianon where she pretended to be a milk maid.Don't you love the fact that the Queen of France pretended to be a peasant in her spare time! The Petit Trianon was decorated in a less formal decor with a pale color palette. Marie Antoinette preferred a more casual attire as well. She wore sheer muslin dresses as she lounged around her hameau and the Petit Trianon. I myself find such beauty in the simplicity of a sheer linen as well and incorporated that detail many places in this project.  Here are some pictures of the various details I created while designing this room.

This Designer Guild Fabric has a woven metallic thread in this cream soft pillow fabric that gives it a slight shimmer. The blush tassel  trim scalloped across this pillow is Designer Guild as well .
Pillows designed by Jennifer Estes Interior Design
This blush Nancy Corzine  Satin Fabric is paired perfectly with a Sheer Shimmering Designer Guild Fabric for a pair of pillow shams with a Peek a Boo ruffle accent at the seam.
Pillows Custom Designed by Jennifer Estes Interior Design
The cream Designer Guild fabric woven with metallic thread is also used to give this upholstered headboard a little shimmer and fun. The headboard is trimmed out in antique bronze nailheads with a triple raised panel design.  The ivory matte satin Barbara Barry coverlet with a scalloped quilted design was just what  this bed needed to finish it off. I mixed the more contemporary glass ball lamp on an antique side table  to keep the room fun and interesting. 
Headboard custom designed by Jennifer Estes Interior Design

Custom designed chandelier with  pearlescent beads and crystal cherry accent. 

My two favorite women in history ......Marie and Coco! They both made such and impact on Fashion and Design that are still with us today.

This Designer Guild  wallpaper  is the first thing that I picked out for this room. I love the way they used the pale blush background and the stamped metallic ribbon design to give this wallpaper such a modernized yet rococo period look. It is definitely a very modern day Marie Antoinette look.

An antique French hand sewn lace and satin baby cradle cap that I found antiquing. My daughter Meriwether  wore this for her Christening. It now is displayed in her room to help accessorize.  Art and accessories are best when they have a personal meaning.

The beautiful scalloped petal pleats give simple cream silk a feminine and striking impact while maintaining such a simple elegant look.

The dust ruffle is also accented in the corners with a blush satin ruffle peeking out of the tailored pleated skirt. Adds a girly sense of fun to the bed tying it together nicely with the pillows on top of the bed.
Custom designed by Jennifer Estes Interior Design

Here are some of the images that inspired me while designing this space.

Rose flavored macarons. My FAVORITE!!! Especially when they come from Laduree in Paris! These light and airy treats  so pretty and tasty

My new favorite parfume! It is the re-released parfume worn by Marie Antoinette herself. Click here to read the link about the history of it and how it was http://fragrancebelleslettres.blogspot.com/2011/07/black-jade-by-lubin.htmlrediscovered. I love the beautiful design as well.

The soft shades of pink and the different textures in this picture are complete eye candy.  This is also a shot from the movie Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. 

This antique print is soon to be displayed in this room  as a reproduction painting. 

This portrait represents the formal court life that Marie Antoinette was trying to escape. The attention to detail in the floral swag design adorning this portrait is fabulous.

This room of Marie Antoinette's at Versailles is where I got the general inspiration for this room. The subtle tone of the colors is exactly what I was going for. The elaborate detail in the moldings on the wall not so much. I do love how the wallpaper is a simplified version of this paneling.

This picture says it all!!! I love the decor of this room as well as the french pastries!  This is a recreation of her hidden quarters at Versailles.

Love Vogue's take on Marie Antoinette. 

I drew a lot of inspiration from this dress belonging to  Marie Antoinette. I love the cream satin with the elaborate embroidered design. Check out the pale pink scalloped design on the skirt. Does it remind you of the scalloped trim on the pillows?
Here I am at the Petit Trianon in front of her famous portrait by Vigee LeBrun

Me in front of one of the cottages in  Marie Antoinette's Hameau. Isn't it so quaint and tidy.  Very nice for a provincial peasant village. J'adore l'hameau. 

Christian Louboutin himself has been inspired by Marie Antoinette. My favorite shoe designer and my favorite historical figure in one shoe.  Love them!!!


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