Monday, January 24, 2011

Have Your Red Wine and Drink It Too!

Nano-Tex Fabric Treatment Makes Your Designer Sofa Fabric Water and Stain Resistant.
 Jennifer Estes Interior Design
Memphis, Tennessee

Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful and elegant beige room like the one shown above but resisted it because of kids, pets or even your love of red wines? Well now you can have that beige designer decorated living room (or even white)and live without the fear of it being trashed because beige and white are just too easily stained. Nano-Tex is a revolutionary fabric treatment being offered through many designer fabric lines sold to the trade. Your interior designer can now specify this finish when ordering your fabrics. It is not a costly finish and can be applied to a wide range of fabrics of all different price points. Schumacher, Fabricut and Duralee are just a few of the fabric lines that offer this finish on their products. It can be applied to upholstery, drapery and bedding fabrics among many other uses.The best thing about this nanotechnology finish is that it does not alter the fabrics natural softness and texture. This treatment also improves abrasion resistance so it will really extend the life of your fabric. This finish will not wash off over time and if it is applied to a solution dyed fabric bleach can be uses for cleaning. The homeowner is still responsible for making sure that liquids and stains are not left to sit for a long time. They must be cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. Tests showed that after red wine was left for 24 hours it still came right out with a dry towel and  without any other cleaning. Red wine ,coffee and other liquids will bead and roll on the surface and must be blotted up rather than wiped down. Other stains will come out with just regular soap and water. Marinara sauce, pet stains, grape juice and vomit are just a few of the problems that won't be yours anymore.So go ahead and order that sofa in that fabulous designer fabric without any more thought to whether or not it's sensible. Anything is practical now with Nano-tex on your fabrics.



LOVE this. I have spec'd Kravet's upholstery with their Teflon finish, but did not know abt nanotex. Will certainly be on the look out, what a great option!

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